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home‘…EVERY BODY is now a makeup artist…’, ‘…I know so many people that are makeup artists…’, ‘…Abeg makeup artists are so many right now…’

We all hear this often but HONESTLY how many of these makeup artists eventually become household names and EARN a reasonable income???

EVERY DAY, more and more people realise the potential in being a makeup artist. The realisation that a huge market exists out there for different kinds of makeup services has driven the demand for makeup across the world and Nigeria in particular.

The emphasis seems to be bridal makeup and personal makeup. However, the field is HUGE and clients hire based on experience and also KNOWLEDGE in the field.

For instance, makeup for television differs from makeup for live events. So also does makeup for bridals differ from makeup for theatre.

As a result of these differences, most clients require and even demand a minimum standard for a professional makeup artist to meet, before even being given a chance. Unfortunately, most makeup artists do not possess the required minimum. This has forced clients to keep using just a few makeup artists for most high profile jobs.

We realize many makeup artists are satisfied with some low level work they can do once a month and earn peanuts in the process. However, some makeup artists are NOT satisfied with their current status and desire to advance and rub shoulders {with time} with the big dogs running the game.

This is where we come in.

What we offer our students is priceless. We offer the unique opportunity to not only learn the skill but also the art, finesse, detail and live experience on the field with top designers, makeup artists and world class events.

NO SCHOOL offers this blend of training at the cost that we do.

In summary, after passing through our school, your entire mindset about makeup and the makeup industry would change so much that you would NEVER be the same ordinary makeup artist on the streets.

Our Courses

These short courses  are what you need. Start your career or passion with one of the leading makeup schools. Our courses emphasize finesse, art, precision and professionalism..

  1. The Complete Makeup Artist
  2. Advanced Bridal & Photography Course
  3. The  Perfect Eyebrow & Art of Contouring
  4. Personal Makeup Course
  5. Client Management, Ethics, Branding & Business of makeup Course
  6. Taking Professional Pictures for Your Portfolio
  7. Mentoring Session
  8. Speech Training Course
  9. Advanced Creative/ FX Special Effects Course
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