I have always been  this goal getter  kind of a woman early in life, got married and was still able to keep up with that strong attitude to excel and be exceptional.

But  I started to  struggle with balancing business and family demands when the kids started to come in the picture.

I started to lose energy  and  became unproductive because I wanted to be a super woman. It got to a point , I stopped investing in myself because their wasn’t no time to do it (imagine, the blame game right?)  started to put on weight  because I hardly even had the time to work out or look after myself.

All my dreams of being a great woman, mum and wife started going down the drain.

I was fed up with the woman I was becoming, but on a faithful day, I came across a magazine article that really inspired me, and I vowed that day that I was going to start to be intentional with who I want to be and be exceptional in all I do, I’m not there yet, but I’m surely not where I used to be .

So decided to share with you steps that is helping me in my journey .

Exceptional simply means to stand out in excellence.

What are the challenges that makes us not to be exceptional as women

– Being a wife and having children to look after factor.

– Lack of information and ignorance

– Good ‘Ol’ Plain Laziness

-Lack of confidence and low self-esteem: some can blame it on poor education or bad English

-Doing to many thing and wanting to be a super woman. Biting more than we can chew can burn one out.

-Health issues

– Wrong associations.

Ten Habits of Exceptional women.

– We need to look after ourselves, don’t be a super woman: Mrs. do it all. Take out time to rest and spoil yourself.

-Improve on your time management skills, schedule your appointments on your phone, and there are some apps that can help you in planning your schedules , goals, assignments, to do list basically e.g. to do list app

– Go after knowledge, if you need to go for further training do so, study more etc

– Take the bull by the horn and decide to excel and be exceptional, I tell women  the worst is people will say no to you and you move on, but still  ask, push , act (APA).

– Develop a great self esteem and self worth. if you think you can’t speak well , then work and develop on it.

-Develop your network, work and meet with people that will make you better and improve you, and challenge you to be exceptional not people that will draw you back or discourage you.

– If you are a career woman(employee), do your job like it’s your business, no whiny or complaining, if not resign, but remember its paying your bills so just enjoy it while you are in it. It’s all in the mind.

-As a business owner be a good example to your employees, inspire them, lead by example and  mentor them.

-We must pay attention to our customer service/improve on our customer service skills, its tasking to get a new customer so treat the ones you have as king and you will win them over as your marketing managers.

-Make sure you are happy, because no one is in charge of your happiness, you need to decide to be happy.

What challenges are you facing as a woman in your career, business or at home, what are you doing to stay on top of it to stand out as being exceptional . Kindly share , you might just be helping a sister.

I’m in love with what i do


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