Urbanfix Makeup Finishing Academy (UMFA) offers the most unique and specialized program in professional training and education for new and existing makeup artists in Nigeria.

Focusing on professional makeup application and theory for  makeup, production, fashion runway, bridal and the retail industry, UMFA gives students a well-rounded understanding of the makeup business as a whole while teaching a strong skill set on which to build.
“Skill is so important to any artistic craft. With skill and theory an artist can do any makeup in any medium on any face. I can teach you skill, give you the tools, teach you the theories behind the art. When great skill is combined with great creativity, a great artist is born.”

It is a school that is dedicated to serving individuals and corporate clients who desire to improve on their knowledge of makeup application both as a business and also to enhance their unique looks using makeup products and professional techniques.


Our vision is to train and raise a new generation of professional makeup artists whose work ethic and approach would stand their work out while changing the face of Nigeria’s makeup training industry.


We emphasize small classes, personalized instruction, and hands on training. Our courses further emphasize finesse, art, precision and professionalism.

This gives aspiring makeup artists who wants to learn a new skill or improve their natural talent the opportunity to learn the art and  ‘ science’ of professional makeup artistry and the ladies and mums makeup enthusiasts, also have courses to suit their needs.

Our tutors are experienced makeup artists, brand consultants, business personnel’s, professional photographers, English & speech expert and a chemists who provide professional tutorship for our vast variety of courses.

Our courses attempt to suit everyone’s needs.

We guarantee that after these courses, you will:

  • STAND OUT from the crowd of makeup artists.
  • Never be the same OLD makeup artist again.
  • Be able to work as a professional makeup artist and work wonders on your clients faces.
  • Become a makeup entrepreneur  (not just a makeup artist) and take your makeup business to a new and greater level.
  • Increase your income 100 fold.
  • For the Ladies and Mums makeup enthusiasts who just loves to look good, will radiate more, can always make an entrance & standout!


  • Freedom to be an entrepreneur.
  • Opportunity to be on our makeup artist community list for job recommendations.
  • An opportunity to learn how to create timeless looks on your clients.
  • Learn how to be a POWER brand.
  • Eyeopener to other greater opportunities in the industry asides bridal and party guest makeup.
  • Value for money.

These  short courses  are what you need. Start your career or passion with one of the leading makeup schools.