View the curriculum for The Complete makeup artist.

Tools of trade and uses, Preparation of the clients & Products, Cleansing procedures, Hygiene & safety, Skin Analysis, Face structures & Skin tones, Color Theory, Correct Application & Choice of Foundation, Application of eye makeup and blending, Head Gear tying (Gele tying), Introduction to the Art of highlighting and contouring, Achieving perfect lips, Application of powder and blush, Application of false eyelashes(stripe), Introduction to the Business of makeup, Client Consultation technique, Excelling in Customer service, Time Management.

Advanced Complete makeup artist ( Creative ) course : Includes Men’s Film Makeup , FX (Special Effects) makeup, Editorial /TV Makeup, and all topics under “The Complete makeup artist ” .


This is for new and beginning makeup artists or artists who need to build their technical skill in order to further their careers. Focusing on application and the science behind it, each day combines both lecture and theory with practical work. During these weeks students will learn the application of a complete beauty makeup on any skin-tone, on any face, with an understanding of light and color theory, proper hygiene, makeup products, and getting started in their career.

The Complete makeup artist course – We have three different types of classes.

  • Intensive Two weeks
  • One Month course
  • Intensive Six weeks Creative Course
  • Monday – Thursday 11 a.m -2 p.m .(Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the class).

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