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Professional Bio

Temi Olajide is an entrepreneur, business & beauty consultant, teacher and life coach for women.

She is a Director Urbanfixmakeupfinishing academy, Interactive Consultants and founder of  Dreamwithtemi  where she empowers and teaches female entrepreneurs to start, build, and run viable sustainable businesses while enjoying a great work life balance, experiencing financial freedom and leave a legacy.

She has spoken at various seminars and training. She uses her businesses, social media platforms and online school to express her passion. She inspires women to live their purpose, smash business goals, ditch self doubt and live their dreams.

Her philosophy is – Everyone has a purpose, you can truly experience a happy and fulfilled life even with life challenges, if you can (DREAM) - Discover ,Run with, be Exceptional, Achieve and Make a difference with your purpose.


A Little About Me

My name is Temi Olajide, I'm a business / beauty consultant and life coach for women.

I am the founder of Dreamwithtemi. Dreamwithtemi is platform set up  with the sole aim of empowering  aspiring and established female small business owners.

I help and teach women entrepreneurs to start, build, and run viable sustainable businesses while enjoying a great work life balance and leave legacy.

I am also the Director of Urbanfixmakeupfinishing academy,the first makeup finishing school in Africa and the first Online Makeup School in Nigeria, where we bring convenience of learning to our clients.

As director of the Urbanfix makeup finishing academy, I empower women to look and feel beautiful while fulfilling their purpose .

I  also teach professional women how to improve on their beauty, through a DIY like a pro approach , giving step by step, shortcut and tips so they can look more attractive and beautiful always without breaking the bank.

I love to see women doing great in their businesses, looking beautiful, confident and attractive. I noticed a lot of women aren't  paying so much attention on their looks because of being over burdened with work, family, children ,partner, all calling for her attention. I totally understand because I'm in your shoes as well. But we just have to live our lives slaying and setting a great example for our children no matter our challenges. We don't have to wear our struggles on our face or appearance. One's appearance goes along way when you want to start dealing with a particular set of clientele or  in some business fields asides that every partner secretly wants their woman looking spot on all the time *winks*.

So I decided to start a makeup finishing school  to help and teach women how to revamp their beauty  through "Do it yourself " approach in a professional way. I love for you to call us as professionals to glam you up for your events, but my question is, can you afford a professional to glam you up all the time e.g. when you need to go for that special date with your partner, when taking spontaneous pictures, that special presentation , videos like Face book live, webinars , going to church, those Owambe parties and the list goes on. We not only teach about beauty but  also teach them excellence in business and how they can make themselves a Power brand .

I'm a strong advocate of great appearance and outlook, it opens doors ,gets people attracted to you and make people want to listen to you but obviously your character and attitude keeps the door opened.

I love to teach women easy steps to mastering the art of  headgear tying , applying their makeup professionally and skincare tips through DIY approach so they can look and step out glamorous every time at their convenience and time without having to break the bank. Asides that, they get to look the way they want to, not the way someone else's wants you to look.

I have an array of skill sets. I am a graduate of chemistry, project manager and business consultant, copy-editor  and graphic designer. A Life coach and Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I am also a certified makeup artist and aesthetician from the London school of makeup UK, Viziomakeup academy US, A-Spa Facial Academy US , to mention a few.

I have over 17 years of business and corporate experience, which includes working in various customer service roles in banking and retail industries; working with startups and small established companies while also being a successful entrepreneur. I have also been blessed to have coached mentored a couple of women in the last three years with great testimonials.

I'm very passionate about women being successful in their businesses and career. I love to see women excel in work and also at the home front. I have been in your shoes and i am still in it. I have seen over the years that many women go into businesses, fail within a short period of time and shut down, not because they don't have a great idea and concept but because of inadequate information, support, clarity, holding of hands and accountability.

That is why I don’t just teach you how to start a business, I show you if it's a viable business, show you how to run a sustainable  and profitable business in a short period of time, showing you applicable shortcuts and tips, using myself and other peoples experience .

I can't wait to start to help you live your dreams.

I am married to my best friend and business partner, Olawale Olajide, a Lawyer, CEO of Interactive Consultants, owners of growcropsonline.com , an ingenious home grown farming online platform and  Dealsboku.com a family lifestyle and No 1, installmental payment online shop. We are blessed with two  awesome children.