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     Success Playbook For Mums – Uncover and Implement Top 10 Strategies to Launch your Business in 30days.

    This is a program created to help and teach women entrepreneurs start/build/run business empires while enjoying a great work life balance and leave legacy even if you have 5 children, work a 9-5 job, or have a over demanding partner. This program is for those women that have set goals to start a business in a short period of time and need help with  information, systems, support, accountability, guidance and someone to cheer them along with their small and big wins.Its a do do program to get you from no clue to building the business of your dreams.

    This Program is for :

    • Those that are ready to invest in themselves .
    • If you feel stuck with your business idea and confused about whats next.
    • If you aren’t sure your idea is valid and doable.
    • Those that are ready to start, build and run viable sustainable businesses.
    • Those that are ready to do the work to get them desired result.
    • Those that desperately want to get back on track and run with their purpose.
    •  Those that need clarity, direction, guide, support and accountability .

    This program isn’t for :

    • People who have a negative attitude to learn and know it all.
    • People who are not ready to invest in themselves.
    • People who are looking for overnight success.
    • People who are lazy.

    I am Temi Olajide, a business consultant and life coach for women. I help women entrepreneurs start , build profitable  business empires while having a great worklife balance and leave legacy.

    I have being doing business for over 15years, i have seen the good,the bad and the ugly, and i must not lie ,still seeing them.Business takes a lot of hardwork and most importantly you need someone to direct you along the way and celebrate your big wins with. Many women have great ideas but tend to giveup quickly when things arent going your way. I have felt like this many times and i’m here to use all my experience and others, that has helped over the years to help you aim and focus at your main goal.

    What you will gain in this program:

    • You will be able to start a viable business in 12weeks if your follow through.
    • You will be full of confidence and be ready to sell your products/services.
    • You will learn how to brand your business and be set apart from competitors.
    • Free Logo design and business card design to start your business with .
    • Learn how to setup systems,  great administrative and finance structure .
    • Learn bookkeeping and budgeting.
    • You will have unlimited support and guidance.
    • You will start to live the life you love.
    • You will have step by step guide to having a great work life balance. Everyone is happy at the home front.
    • Life time access to the program (as long as the program exists) so you can always go back to watch videos.


    Topics that will be covered in each Module:

    Module 1-


    • Brainstorming
    • Success mindset & breaking limiting beliefs.

    Module 2-

    • Timeless brandable name generation.
    • Business registration
    • Business plan (Business plan template is provided)

    Module 3-

    • Create your customers Avatar ( template will be provided)
    • Humanising your Brand


    Module 4-

    • SWOT Analysis

    Module 5-

    • Building sustainable structures/Admin
    • Account Systems

    Module 6-

    • Business branding
    • Business identity ( free logo and branding materials provided)
    • Visibility on social media.

    Module 7-

    Customer service delivery jackpot

    • How to grow and retain your customers
    • How to make you customers in love with you

    Module 8-

    • Personal branding
    • becoming the killer power brand

    Module 9-

    • Worklife balance simplified
    • Time management
    • You, Your family, Your business.

    Module 10-

    • Money generation ideas
    • Advertising ideas

    Module 11-

    • Business on wheels

    Module 12-

    • Celebrating the new business
    • Certificate of completion

    Bonus class:

    Female advantage psychology :Make your partner your NO 1 Cheerleader.

    How to get your partner on the same page with you.

    Many women businesses die at the early days because their partners weren’t on the same page, they couldn’t understand why the job takes a whole lot of time from you(which many businesses do anyway). Disagreement and lack of support starts to affect you and your balance.

    In the class we dissect what causes this and how to solve and make your partner your NO 1 fan.


    Send a mail to info@urbanfixmakeupacademy.com to be on the waiting list,10 spaces only!


    Value of this program $1200

    But you pay $300/120,000

    YOU PAY $ 175/N70,000 today (Promo price till 3rd Jan 2017)
    Life time full Access. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    *instalment payments available

    2 Installments of $163/N65,000

    Life time full Access. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    3 Installments of $115/N45,000

    Life time full Access. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


    If you will prefer paying directly to our account by transfer, pay into:

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