Red flags of bad customer service. Check your service gauge!

I know you are probably saying I have heard enough of this customer service talk or customer is always right bla bla bla. In as much as you are right, this topic can’t be over emphasised , its highly needed for times like this in our country when purchasing power has gone down.

You are complaining of no business and treating the few clients you’ve got with levity. I can’t just tolerate bad customer service, just  say bye to me and I guess I’m not the only one that feels that way, it’s my hard earned money abeg.

I remembered walking into a new printing company that opened a year ago (you see, the experience is still so fresh in my head, that’s the same way it will stick if you offer exceptional service, I’m not just saying customer service, it has to be exceptional for it to stick and get a referral or thumps up ( #servicemagic in Steve Harris’s voice, lol ).

So let me continue with my gist, so I got into this office around 10 am, and the receptionist was drinking tea with bread at the front desk!!! I was shocked, I just couldn’t take it and had to ask why she will be eating at her desk and she gave one excuse or the other, anyway that was my first and last in that office in as much as they their service was well priced with a good concept, delivery was zero. Any way I learnt  they are closed to business now after a YEAR or so, WHY NOT? amongst other things I guess.

On the other side, I had this lady I buy plantain from, come rain come shine, she’s ever smiling, even if you’re not looking beautiful, she will tell you do, she asks after your day and family. Whenever I need to buy plantain, she comes to mind, I refer people to her . She’s not a graduate of anything but she understands the rule of the game.

You don’t have to have any fancy office or business before you offer an exceptional service, especially on social media where business transactions takes place these days, your service needs to be spot on via dms, calls , service delivery etc.

For me customer is the big KING , and I treat you as such for anyone that knows me.

Customers pay the bills whether is 10 naira or 10 million, the customers with ten naira today shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s that same customer that will bring millions later or give a referral to the person bringing millions, YOU GAT WHAT I MEAN *winks*

But some businesses don’t even know they are offering bad customer service which led to this post, here are a few pointers to help gauge and  show  you  are offering bad service :

 – When you speak in ordering and authoritative manner to your clients (if you are so  full of yourself, start patronising yourself and close your business )

– When you eat or drink while attending to clients.

– When you chat away with colleagues or friends while there is a client with you ( even if the person doesn’t buy today, they might buy tomorrow. Many businesses are guilty of this, so annoying *angry face* )

– When your business lines are permanently off or rings out with no one to pick it.

-When you make statements like we are short-staffed  today as excuse for bad delivery ( Like SERIOUSLY! )

-If your staff are always absent from work, unhappy staff make unhappy customer.

-When your shop/office signs says you open  8 am and you’re not opened till 10 am. Its either you change the sign or keep to time.

It costs five times as much to win a new customer than to keep a current one. But, customers are not loyal by nature and research shows that emotion influences purchase decision six times more than rationale.

It is therefore essential you provide a unique customer service experience by proactively anticipating your customers needs and expectations and exceeding them.

Tips to delivering exceptional customer service.

– Give the best experience possible, if you say the customer should go with is wahala (trouble) , you let about 10 customers walk out of your business.

– Use the customer as a marketing vehicle. the more pleased they are, the more they recommend and market for you.

– Respect your customers, their time and opinion.

*Use sir and ma to accord respect, even if they are younger, they add to your bottomline. Who being older, aunty or uncle Epp ?

– Always improve on your services.

– Educate , encourage and train your employees, don’t assume they know, train them regularly.

– Special interactions  keep customers coming back.

-Check on them, either call, text or Whats app them.

– Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

-Always personalise your service , customers are different with different needs.

– Be accessible to resolve issues as soon as possible.

– Respond quickly and accurately to calls and emails, people are impatient these days.

-Adopt the five 5A’s to resolving a problem

Acknowledge the problem, Apologize, Accept responsibility, Adjust and fix the situation, Assure the  customer and follow through your promise.

-Always thank your customers for doing business with you either by calls ,text or email.

It’s not easy to get new customers these days, so please hold the ones you’ve got now dearly because not only will they continue to do business with you, you don’t need to do any stationary bill boards, they are already your WALKING BILL BOARDS.

Exceptional customer service prompts customers to share their experiences with others. Generally bad experience is more likely to be shared. You have to have performed very  well to have a customer talk gladly about a positive experience which will result in more business and more money, I like the sound of the later more, lol.

Would love to hear and read from you, if you’ve had any bad customer service or exceptional service experience that you can’t just get over and love to share, please leave comments below.

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4 Responses

  1. Funmi Ladapo
    • September 25, 2016

    Love this article, i’m taking away alot from it. Going to start providing first class customer service.

    • urbanfix
      • September 26, 2016

      Thanks Funmi, You go girl!

  2. Rachael
    • September 27, 2016

    Wonderful piece, Customer service in Nigeria is zero. There are pleasant and unpleasant experiences (bitter taste and memorable ones) Attitude determine the Altitude

    • urbanfix
      • September 28, 2016

      True,Thank you!Attitude takes you to the top. I think business owners in Nigeria needs to start to pay more attention to service delivery and most importantly get their staff trained.

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