Urbanfix(UFMA)-Empowering women to look and feel Beautiful.

Wow!!! Yayyy!!! Im so excited to start to post on our blog after about 2yrs! Yes you heard me right,2yrs. I am not such of a great writer , but i absolutely love what i do, and i will do anything that needs to be done to share my experience to help,inspire and motivate other women to look and feel beautiful while fulfilling purpose and excelling in it.

At urbanfixmakeupfinishingacademy, its not all about the teaching you the art of makeup, with my 15 years of doing business as an Entrepreneur, business consultant,brand consultant,project manager,life coach and now a Makeup consultant/educator ( I know you are thinking,how is  she able to do all these,lol, don’t worry, story for another day,lol) We…

  •  Help you discover and embrace  who you are.
  •  Inspire you to greatness in life ,not only in the makeup industry,but all facets of your life.
  • Show you how to start and brand your business.
  • Teach you the business of makeup and how you can start to make money as soon as possible.
  • Teach and show you how to be a POWER EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN.
  • You enjoy life long mentorship and guidance.
  • Create an atmosphere of fun while you learn, in the most conducive way.
  • And most importantly friendship of life.

We are so much more than teaching you makeup and gele… That is why we are the first Makeup Finishing School in the World,yes! world ( you can google it and let me know if there exist a makeup finishing school,lol)

Many women have let go of themselves,lost their self esteem, given up on their dreams,think they aren’t as pretty as the other women.So much unnecessary competition with each other,which i don’t think will change anytime soon.But, you can CHANGE your own mindset,and embrace WHO YOU REALLY ARE.You are created in the image and  likeness of God and God is beautiful (remember that song..you are beautiful beyond description…)

You are beautiful with or without makeup.

If you need help/advice in how you can embrace your self,learn how to feel and look beautiful in your own skin, im just a call away…you can give me a call on 08033569835 and lets chat.

Im in love with what i do…


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